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You'd Never Believe What We Found In This House

So I got a phone call from one of my signs. You know my "We Buy Houses Cash" Signs like this one...

Anyway, I spoke with the homeowner and he seemed reluctant to provide me access to view the property. He told me that he was behind on his property

and that he was also facing foreclosure. The property had liens and was worth much less than he owed on it. No Biggie!

(RIH to one of the greatest to ever do it!)

I assured him that we buy houses in any condition, any situation. I explained to him that he did not have to make any repairs or clean up/out anything.He gave me the key and I met my partner Paul at the house. We walked in and was immediately greeted by a sharp, foul stench. Seconds later, the bedroom closet slowly opened and a very large

greeted us and communicated to us that her family was currently occupying the house and she had no plans on paying, being evicted, or complying in any way . We made a phone call to a friend in my network, got the family a really nice relocation package, and bought the house. Everyone won!! -Cincinnati, OH

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