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Somebody, Anybody Please- Take This House!

I had the pleasure of speaking to a gentleman yesterday about a property that he owns here in Cincinnati. The phone call came in from him visiting our website. He went on to say, "Please, just take the house. It has become a headache and I am at a point in my life where I'd rather not deal with the hassle of the tenants and the repairs!" I asked him what he wanted for the house and he simply stated, "All I want is to sign it over to you."

My mother taught me as a young child that when something sounds too good to be true it probably is. After asking some questions and doing a bit more research I later found out that the property was over leveraged (mortgage higher than the value), rents needed to be raised, busy street, and it was located in a very undesirable area of town. After learning all of this what do you think I told him?

I called him back immediately and told him," We can help. This is a classic case of what we do every day." Once we get this closed, I will share with you the details on how we were able to turn this upside down deal into a Win-Win-Win.

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