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5 Seconds

Just count to five

In every situation where you feel a detrimental urge, whether it’s a desire to buy fast food when you know you should eat something healthy or hit the snooze button when you’d rather just sleep in, simply count to five. Close your eyes and slowly count: one, two, three, four, five.

This simple method is a powerful way to turn your attention away from unhelpful temptations and back to the things that bring you closer to what you really want in life. Let’s say you’ve received a bill in the mail that you'd rather just throw away. By taking a moment and counting to 5, you provide yourself a clean slate to be able to make a conscionable decision. The decision to call the creditor and work out a payment plan will benefit you more than making an"in the moment" decision to simply throw the letter away.

By implementing the 5 Second Rule in your life, you’ll be on the way to creating new and better habits.

-_Mel Robbins

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