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We all have unique qualities and different characteristics about ourselves that help define our identity. That identity is unlike anyone else's. However, there are two events in life that we all have in common. We are all born, and we shall all pass. During our existence we acquire "things". Things such as cars, clothes, real estate, etc. Oftentimes when a loved one passes we inherit their things. Real estate is transferred via a deed to the beneficiary. These detailed request are often outlined in the decedents (passed relatives) will. The executor has the job of seeing the decedents requests through. The beneficiary inherits a home, but he/she also inherits the responsibility of maintaining the gifted home. This can sometimes can be very stressful. The financial responsibility of paying taxes, managing maintenance, lawn care, property insurance can quickly become a burden. Foreclosure happens at the most inopportune times. It is always better to sell the home and realize a gain instead of having it taken away and walking away empty handed. We often help homeowner navigate the terrain by providing them a roadmap that best suits their situation. Never let the moment dictate the end results. You have resources. We have solutions.

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